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Pain management

boyziggy made both of us little portable emergency kits containing various pills, bandages, and such. He mentioned recently that he lost his and needs to make a new one, so I figured I should check and restock mine. The painkillers in it had expired in 12/2011. I went to the medicine cabinet and our (generic) Tylenol and aspirin had both expired this February. The ibuprofen was still good till 11/2014 so I restocked that. I won't generally take expired meds unless they're just past the expiration date, say a month.

Painkillers and other OTC meds in our apartment nearly always expire well before they're used up. It's not that neither of us ever experiences pain or gets sick. boyziggy is more prone to stomach problems so those meds get gobbled up faster. For me, if I get a headache, stomach ache, or cold symptoms, unless they're severe, my preferred remedy is sleep. I've had the luxury of having a very open schedule for the last few years, but even when I worked full time, I tried to nip out to take a short nap at lunch or on a break. Even 5-10 minutes was enough to "reset" me so that I could function better. And if I was truly ill, I took advantage of my sick leave and stayed home, rather than going to work sick and risking making everyone else sick too. I'm very aware that many people do not the luxury of generous sick leave (I had eight hours per month, non-cumulative), and that really sucks.

Of course I experienced pain during my marathon training as well. I took no painkillers, just iced my legs and got lots of rest. My really long runs were only once every three weeks, so I could afford to be out of commission for a couple of days each month.

I think the last time that I experienced pain severe enough to take painkillers was in early May. Pain in my hand that was so bad I couldn't sleep, got up in the middle of the night to make a doctor's appointment, and ended up getting X-rays and prescriptions for stronger drugs than I could get over the counter. Fortunately nothing was broken, and the pain went away on its own after a couple of days, and hasn't returned (knock on wood).

I'll be looking for much smaller packages of Tylenol and aspirin, but keeping those expired meds in the cabinet in the meantime. I don't know if zahraa and zyxwvut ever forgave me for throwing out all their expired meds when I helped them pack and move back in 2000 :-)
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