Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Gender personality test: The Bem Sex-Role Inventory

I just found out about this personality test: The Bem Sex-Role Inventory. Following my poll on gender presentation, I was interested in seeing what this test would reveal about my gender identity. Fortunately someone coded it up so I could get immediate results.

As usual with these types of tests, it was often difficult to assign a score without further context. I did appreciate that the scale went from Never to Always with seven gradations. Some were quite clear-cut for me, like affectionate (always) and loves children (never), but others were highly context-dependent and I had to make my best estimate.

Given those caveats, here's my score:

42.5 out of 100 masculine points
44.167 out of 100 feminine points
51.667 out of 100 androgynous (neutral) points

From what I can understand of the Wikipedia entry, it appears that scoring below the median for both masculine and feminine traits would mean that my gender identity is "undifferentiated" rather than androgynous (which would make a good amount of sense at this time), but given the separate androgynous points score, I'm not really sure.

Warning: If you take the test at this site, before and after you click "What's My Score?" take a screenshot or your results will be lost. (Hey, at least it's free.) Feel free to share your score and/or thoughts in the comments (keeping in mind that this is a public post).
Tags: gender

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