Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Suiting up

As much as I hate shopping and would prefer to wear T-shirts every day, I need to get some formal and semi-formal menswear. I solicited opinions on Facebook earlier this summer, and got some useful suggestions, including a tip to avoid Tomboy Tailors, which from their scathing reviews on Yelp looks like a wise choice.

I've realized that another obstacle I face beyond size and cost is that most suits, jackets, and ties are made from animal products, including wool and silk. I have fewer problems with these materials than with leather and fur, but still prefer to avoid them. It's practically impossible to live a life completely free of animal products; as this article points out, suits often have buttons made from animal horns, and many glues are animal-based as well. I'm fine with some compromises (I still eat honey, for example), but I do want to live more consciously and ethically, as ahimsa is now literally my middle name.

So if I want to get a suit that actually fits me and contains no animal products, basically I need to go with something custom-tailored (bespoke?) which can be super-expensive. I don't think I can justify that expense right now considering the only money I'm earning is $17.50 per day while my jury service lasts. I guess I can look for a used suit for now, feeling somewhat less guilty about wearing wool if it's used, and have it tailored. At least I've found a couple of places online to get decent quality silk-free ties...

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