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So it's election day.

Yeah, it's Election Day and everyone's getting out the vote in their LJ's and phone banking and watching the early returns nervously and blah and blah and blah. It's hard for me to get excited about the "big" race since I know that for the third time in eight years I am guaranteed going to be disappointed with whoever ends up in the White House, a trend that will probably continue for the remainder of my natural life. I won't elaborate further; those of you who are my close friends already know my position, and I respect your choice of how to vote today (which, except for boyziggy, is almost undoubtedly different than mine).

At least with the local and state propositions I feel I have some voice. And now we have the cool instant-runoff voting in SF. Wish we could have used it for the mayoral race - maybe Gonzalez would have won. (Not that I'm disappointed with Newsom. So far.)

You know what's weird: I have already been to my local polling place four times since I moved to SF last June. That's a governor recall, primary, mayoral runoff, and today's general. Still the same residential garage around the corner. Had to wait in line for about ten minutes; went smoothly.

Sigh, guess it will be soon time to go home and watch the election coverage.

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