Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Race report: DSE Embarcadero 10K

Today boyziggy and I ran the DSE Embarcadero 10K race. This was the fourth time I'd run this particular course, but was a first for Ziggy, and also the longest race he's done to date. It was great that he had today off so we could participate together.

As I was still unhappy about checking either the "male" or "female" box, I opted to be a self-timer for this race. I was handed a green tag, as opposed to orange for female or white for male. I filled out my name and age but did not check either box. That felt good. I'd been very out of practice and had let my club membership lapse anyway, so I didn't care about being listed with the official finishers.

I had no time goal for this race, though this was the course where I set my current 10K PR, 1:02:50, last year. I'd long since abandoned last year's goal of running a sub-60 minute 10K, though I challenged Ziggy to do so.

I had no particular trouble with this run. Though I felt sluggish at first, the cool weather and flat course helped offset my fatigue and lack of training. I picked up speed around mile four. Forty minutes seems to be the magical time where I get into the groove when running. This is why I prefer to run for 60-90 minutes in training even though I don't need to go that long for general fitness.

Finished in 1:05:17 by my watch (looks like a couple of seconds slower by the clock in Ziggy's finish line photo). Ziggy finished in 56:47, which is especially great given that this was his first 10K.

Some photos here (can't seem to embed them at the moment), plus one on Facebook from the race photog, Paul. Happy to have Ziggy as a supportive running and racing partner.
Tags: fitness, gender

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