Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Womens Bottms

After spending most of the last two weeks lounging around the apartment in sweat pants, nursing a bad cold, I was a bit taken aback to find that my jeans felt tight around the waist when I got dressed to go out today. More reason that I think measuring weight alone is pretty useless; the scale said that I weighed four pounds less this week than last, whereas my waist circumference was about the same. In any case, as I'm starting hormone therapy in one week and it will be difficult to avoid gaining some weight (which is fine as I'm still pretty thin), I figured it wouldn't hurt to get another pair or two of larger jeans to accommodate.

I went to Out of the Closet and found two 30"-waist pairs of men's pants, one jeans and one khakis, for $13 total. Loose (my waist is around 27") but will be fine with a belt, which is just what I wanted. Got them rung up, and for the second time since I started shopping for men's clothes there, the receipt read WOMENS BOTTM for both items.

I know I don't (ever) read as male yet. I can't blame the poor sales clerk. I'm more amused than annoyed. But I am still annoyed especially as this is a supposedly LGBT-friendly chain that has people of all kinds of genders shopping there. Even at a thrift store, the clothes should be rung up based on the items, not on the presumed gender of the person bringing them to the counter. Once again I asked boyziggy if he thought they would ring up a skirt as MENS BOTTM if he brought it to the counter. I'm sure they wouldn't. Of course, as he pointed out, there aren't really "men's skirts" (other than kilts).

I'm not going to let this kind of misgendering ruin my day. But I am going to point it out the next time it happens. I just need to remember to look at my receipt before I leave the store. As with the Angry Birds registration form requiring that gender be specified, it might seem like a trivial issue, and it is compared to the very real discrimination and violence many trans people face every day. But the more this casual misgendering is brought to people's attention, the more awareness will be raised, and ultimately, that's the way hearts and minds are changed.
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