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Year in review - 2013

It's tempting to sum up this entire year with the phrase "Gender Transition", but some other significant things did actually happen, so I'll separate into the usual categories I've been using in these annual wrap-ups.


I continued my volunteer work at the Free Farm, which sadly closes for good today, and the Free Farm Stand. I did no formal paid photo gigs, but did shoot Thom and Jeff's legal wedding as I'd promised to do so when I shot their civil ceremony back in '09. I also shot a couple of boyziggy's SFLasertag events, and sold a couple of prints and a few image licenses.

I also spent nearly seven weeks as a juror on a Superior Court trial, which I consider work as I had to be there nearly every weekday from 9-4:30 and I did get paid (a pittance) for it. As all jurors were forbidden from discussing, writing, or even thinking about the trial when we weren't in the courtroom or deliberation room, I never did get around to blogging about it afterward. I should still do so; it was an interesting but complex case.


I joined the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco in late February after seeing one of their performances for the first time earlier that month. Voice-wise, I fit in well with the altos, but being in an all-female choral section for possibly the first time ever ended up triggering some of the dysphoria that eventually led to my gender transition. Regardless, I really enjoyed singing, and performed with the chorus at several concerts and outreach events. Our year-end collaboration with the Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band, the Dance-Along Nutcracker, was especially fun, even though it was incredibly goofy and we did very little actual singing.

I've now switched to the tenor section, at the encouragement of our director, and plan to continue singing through my transition (I'll be beginning hormone therapy shortly, which will affect my voice for the next year or so). Having weekly rehearsals to prepare for and look forward to have really helped me get through a tough year, so I'm indebted to our director Billy for his understanding and support.

I also continued making music on my own and with friends, including performing and recording several songs from the Beck Song Reader, singing and playing bass at the Free Farm closing party, and playing bass at a friend's birthday party gig.


I finally ran a full marathon! The training was brutal, but I'm glad I persevered. I also ran a half-marathon on my birthday, and set a PR for that distance. Adding three 10Ks and four 5Ks, that made nine races for the year. Fewer than I'd planned, but post-marathon I had trouble staying motivated, especially with gender issues really coming to the forefront around that time.

Ziggy joined me on several workouts and races this year, and is increasingly motivated to get in shape himself, which is great. We've both been attending yoga classes taught by our friend James, though we've both been pretty delinquent lately. I've started and stopped both yoga and weight training at home numerous times this year.

My health this year was very good until two weeks ago, when I got a very nasty cold which has yet to leave me completely. My weight has remained in the 115-120 lb range and my waist circumference in the 26-27 in range, definitely creeping up toward the higher end of that range in the latter part of the year.

Is this where "Gender Transition" fits? It's certainly a health issue. I announced my name and gender change in August, and explicitly requested gender-neutral pronouns a few weeks later. I re-started talk therapy after the long jury trial finally concluded in September. In November I met with a gender specialist doctor, got lab tests done, and signed a consent form to begin hormone therapy (testosterone injections) in January.


I've decided not to write about relationships with anyone other than boyziggy on here anymore, even friendslocked. I'm still poly, though I no longer identify as bisexual. I've decided my sexual orientation is really irrelevant right now anyway as I'm not actively seeking new partners.

Looking forward

I once again failed to accomplish my Big Three goals I've had for the last two years: "Making music every day, working out on a regular basis, and (re-)learning Spanish." (Well, I was definitely working out on a regular basis through June at least.) And I didn't even come close to my goal of getting rid of at least a third of my stuff. Gender angst almost completely took over my brain from Spring onward, with the only relief being (ironically) that long jury trial and my participation in the chorus.

I'm hoping that my gender transition, while bringing its own challenges, will help me focus on being a more productive person, and that includes preparing to go back to paid employment at least part-time. I'm optimistic that bringing my brain and body into better alignment will make a world of difference.
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