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Apr. 23rd, 2014 04:13 pm Abundance

Today at the farmers market I bought:

- Four bunches of kale (two purple, two dino)
- Two giant heads of Romaine lettuce
- Five big carrots
- One bunch of cilantro
- One bunch of green onions
- Four big yellow onions
- Nine red potatoes
- Two baskets of strawberries
- Six navel oranges
- Three heads of garlic

All except the garlic was organic. Total cost: $33. As I was walking home with that haul, I thought about how boyziggy and I used to, fairly frequently, get delivery of a large pizza (with soy cheese) for about that amount.

I like shopping at the Heart of the City Farmers Market. I used to prefer the Fort Mason Center market as they have more vendors with organic produce, but I haven't been able to shop there since I started volunteering at the Free Farm Stand on Sundays. But the Heart of the City market is set up right where I used to volunteer with Food Not Bombs, giving away food to the homeless and others in need. The vendors at this market take EBT (food stamps) and donate produce to the Tenderloin. That's a great thing.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, along with the knowledge and means to prepare them, need to be accessible to everyone. I remember watching a scene in the movie Food, Inc. where a low-income family of four pulled into a drive-through McDonald's and ordered burgers, fries and sodas for all of them for about $11 total. The mother lamented that she knew the food was unhealthy, but they worked such long hours they didn't have time to cook, and fresh produce was so expensive that if they spent their money on that, they couldn't afford her husband's medication.

The government subsidies and policies that make fast food more affordable than healthy food are beyond my immediate ability to affect (though I can and should write to my representatives about it). But I can at least make a difference in my local community right now, sharing the abundance of produce that California has to offer.


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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Date:April 24th, 2014 04:48 pm (UTC)
Gardening can be really time-consuming and, depending on the crop, not cheaper than buying from a CSA or farmers market. Though of course you get the psychological benefit of eating something that you grew yourself!

We don't have a yard, of course, and we're technically not allowed to put anything out on our balcony because our apartment management company says that it's a fire escape and not part of our lease. I do have some basil from the Free Farm growing in a pot on our kitchen table. I've kept it alive for nearly a year now. I hope to keep it going indefinitely, as I have very fond memories of that place.