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The Light Dies Down on Broadway

There is some musing on the Bugtraq mailing list that yesterday's massive power outages were due to the Windoze Blaster worm rather than a lightning strike. (Apparently this possibility has been discussed on the news as well, but I still have crappy TV reception so my news intake has been limited to occasional perusal of the San Francisco Chronicle web site, and newsy snippets delivered to my pager.)

And here I was just thinking that maybe, just maybe, we are finally drawing too damn much electricity for the grid to handle. (Frighteningly, Dubya and I appear to agree on that point.)

I'm not sure what to think. The Blaster worm certainly isn't trivial. My employer is closing down several Internet access points at the borders at least through the weekend to try to prevent catastrophe, and I raised a big stink yesterday to make sure all of the workstations in my office were protected, even though tech support isn't (supposed to be) my job.

But at the same time, I kind of like the thought that a natural electrical phenomenon could wipe out the intricate electrical network of several major cities in an instant. Nature 1, Man 0.

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