Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Straight talk about veganism

I consider the consumption of animal products for the purposes of pleasure or convenience to be a violent and immoral act. Full stop. If that statement sounds judgmental, it is. I will not apologize for stating it that way even if it hurts someone's feelings. An animal's life is more important than a human's feelings.

Our exploitation of animals is paralleled in our exploitation of humans. I'm reading The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle right now, and the links are clear and undeniable. As long as we consider it normal, healthy, and appropriate to enslave animals for our pleasure and amusement, we will always have a violent world.

I have often wondered but rarely asked my white friends if they would have opposed human slavery had they lived in the antebellum South. Not just refused to own slaves themselves, but openly criticized their friends and neighbors who owned them, no matter how kindly the slaves were treated. It's an uncomfortable question, and for damn good reasons. And I haven't liked the answers I've gotten when I've asked.

I'm not doing this activism to get karma points, thanks, or even happiness. I can never be thanked by the beneficiaries of this work, because they will never even exist if my goal is realized and the world stops breeding domestic animals. I'm doing this work because it needs to be done. All of the large animal welfare organizations have sold out the animals' interests in favor of "happy exploitation". They are selling indulgences and making people feel better about eating animal products. Only grassroots abolitionists are sending an uncompromising, unwavering message that veganism is the moral baseline.

I might lose every friend I have over this issue. It will be worth losing a hundred friends if I convince one stranger to go vegan and stay vegan. And that person will convince another, and so on. The work won't be finished in my lifetime. But I will not live with the world the way it is now.
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