Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Vegan locavore challenge

I'm finally trying something I've been meaning to do for a long time: Making all my meals exclusively from produce acquired at local farmers markets and community gardens. boyziggy will be away for the next five days, so that seemed like a perfect time to try it out.

The main reason I'm doing this is that a frequent complaint I hear from non-vegans is that they don't like "vegan food", they can't afford "vegan food", or they can't find enough "vegan food". This drives me nuts because it seems to be equating "vegan food" with either fake meats/dairy products or with a very limited variety of foods, like tofu, sprouts, and salad vegetables. Whereas there is no need to eat substitutes for animal products, and "vegan food" has existed for longer than humans have been around; it consists of every edible plant in the entire plant kingdom. That's quite a lot of variety.

Not all people or places have access to a huge variety of edible plants, but we certainly do here in the SF Bay Area, especially this time of year. So I knew it would be easy for me to find enough food and still have variety and satisfaction. I can often get some free produce at Alemany Farm and the Free Farm Stand, and an avocado or two a week at the 23rd Street Garden, but that food is meant for those truly in need, so I only take if there's excess. I did the bulk of my shopping for this challenge today at the Heart of the City Farmers Market at Civic Center. My haul was:

5 large carrots, 3 baskets strawberries, 2 bunches kale, 2 heads Romaine lettuce, 1 bunch green onions, 3 heads broccoli, 3 heads garlic, 3 yellow onions, 1 red onion, 5 Russet potatoes, 7 yams, 8 red potatoes

Total: $33. All except for the yams and garlic were organic. To this produce I will add almonds and walnuts that I've bought at the farmers market previously, plus some herbs, tomatoes, and greens I got at the Free Farm Stand, plus whatever I'm able to get there and at Alemany Farm this week if there's enough to spare. Hopefully I'll have some loquats, peaches, and plums to look forward to this weekend.

This will be different than my usual diet, as my starches will be coming almost entirely from tubers rather than grains and beans. (I might get a squash if I'm lucky, otherwise, yams and potatoes it is.) And there are a bunch of other foods I normally eat that I'll be leaving out, but none of them essential to health, and I want to concentrate on what I am eating rather than what I'm not. It's only for five days, after all, though if successful I hope to do this for a longer period of time in the future, or incorporate regular locavore days into my diet.

Looking forward to enjoying the abundance of nature!
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