Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Vegan locavore challenge - Day 3

My fellow volunteers at Alemany Farm yesterday harvested a record number of cucumbers. And today at the 23rd Street Garden I found over a dozen good avocados while raking leaves. Guess what figured prominently into my lunch today? :-)

Breakfast was a baked potato sautéed with yellow onion, fresh oregano, scallion, and tomato. A bit bland, though the sweet juicy tomato helped. I also had some fresh strawberries.

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon I snacked on almonds and strawberries.

Lunch was a salad with Romaine lettuce, tomato, lemon cucumber, and avocado, and a baked potato with kale butter.

Dinner was red potatoes sautéed with kale and yellow onions. Original recipe here (I left out the oil and salt).

I'll probably have more strawberries, either frozen or fresh, later tonight. Hopefully I'll get more varieties of fruit at the Free Farm Stand tomorrow, if we continue to have a surplus.
Tags: vegan

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