Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Vegan locavore challenge - Day 4

Lots of fruit today! I wanted to finish off the strawberries, and as hoped for I was able to get some other fruit at the Free Farm Stand this afternoon.

Breakfast: Cold baked yams

Morning snacks: Strawberries, walnuts

Lunch: Red potatoes and celery with kale butter

Afternoon snacks: Orange*, strawberry-watermelon slushie

Dinner (with a friend): Steamed broccoli and baked potato with fresh chives, scallions, and red onion ("onion three ways" as he joked)

Dessert: Peach and frozen strawberries blended with almond milk, topped with walnuts

* The orange, as I suspected only after I started eating it, was probably not local. Some of the produce we distribute at the Farm Stand is from the food bank or other sources that have non-local produce. Tree confirmed that it was "industrial organic" from Veritable Vegetable. It was probably from California at least. I won't beat myself up over it.
Tags: vegan

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