Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Race training

Late last month I realized my running had slacked off so much that I was in danger of not being adequately prepared for the Beat the Blerch half-marathon with boyziggy in September. Ziggy and I had been doing some running together, but he was also focused on cycling, swimming, and doing shorter races. I decided I needed to make my own workout plan and stick to it independent of what he was doing.

So I created a schedule for August that has me running four days a week and doing Engine 2 Diet circuit training twice a week, in addition to the morning stretches and evening yoga I'd already been doing. I'm increasing my long runs by two miles every two weeks, peaking at 14 miles about two weeks before the (13.1 mile) race. So far I've managed to miss only one scheduled workout (Engine 2).

Today a 12-miler was scheduled, so I ran out to the Great Highway and part of the way back, hopping on a bus shortly after I made my target distance. I knew it would be about seven miles going out, but wasn't exactly sure when or where I'd stop on the way back. I like running with a GPS watch for this reason; I can deviate from my planned route and still get a good idea of my total distance.

After this race is over I want to focus more on upper-body strength. I'm worried that if I reduce my running days from four to three, they'll end up becoming two and then one and then zero, so I'll have to fit another strength workout in somewhere even if I need to double up with a running day. My volunteer work is currently four days a week, but Sundays (at the Free Farm Stand) are the only days that I'm pretty much guaranteed to do some moderately heavy lifting; my gardening activities on the other days are pretty variable. So I can't rely on work alone for conditioning.

Looking forward to increased health and fitness, and a fun race day.
Tags: fitness

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