Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

13 years and 13 miles

In preparation for the Beat the Blerch half-marathon that's coming up in only a couple of weeks, I scheduled a final long run of 14 miles with boyziggy for this week. He really wanted to run somewhere outside of SF, so today he got a ZipCar and drove us to Sunnyvale to run along the Bay Trail.

We didn't get started until after 11 a.m. It was sunny and the temperature quickly rose to 80 degrees. The roads were flat and we saw hundreds of birds, which was wonderful. But the heat (and occasional foul smells from the water) really got to both of us. Even with a stop to refill Ziggy's bottles, we both ran out of water before the end of the run. We also ate most of the ten Medjool dates we'd brought with us, though I was more thirsty than hungry as we'd had a good hearty breakfast (quinoa with peanut butter and bananas).

Near the end of the run I mentioned to Ziggy that this was the thirteenth anniversary of our first date. Back in 2001 when we met in Berkeley, I was about 45 pounds heavier and Ziggy probably had another 30 pounds on him as well. When we moved in together eight months later, we spent much of our free time eating stuffed pizza and chocolate, playing video games, and watching TV. Though I had already run a half-marathon myself in the year 2000, I was so out of shape by the time I moved in with Ziggy that I couldn't have dreamed we'd be planning to race together over a dozen years later.

We survived the run, which ended up being about 13.6 miles. Had a delicious mid-afternoon lunch at the all-vegan Veggie Grill in Mountain View. It was a departure from my SOS-free diet of late, but I'd planned that. I did have a salad entreé, but shared an order of fries and dessert as well.

Looking forward to our first half-marathon together, and my first out-of-state race. Hopefully it will be cooler in Seattle!
Tags: fitness

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