Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Obligatory intro

So I'm finally joining the blogging "in crowd" and starting my own LiveJournal. I resisted for a long time, thinking "how narcissistic to write your daily thoughts in a public forum for all to see." But I realized that the web is a much better place for such narcissism than unsolicited e-mail missives. So if you don't like what I write, you don't even have to hit delete; just don't visit this web page in the first place. :)

Hearty thanks to my good friend zyxwvut and his good friend cyan_blue for setting me up with an LJ account. I'd like to get my guy Ziggy on here soon too; for now, he has a blog on another site detailing his exhausting (usually) yet exciting (sometimes) career as an audio engineer.

I do have my own web site, but there's nothing on it yet. Once I started doing web development for a living (for UCSF, plus volunteer work for the San Francisco Mime Troupe and the Planet Macintosh User Group), coming home and doing it for fun became a whole lot less attractive. So I abandoned my old stagnant site and spam-drenched domain. I'll just let the kind folks at LJ produce my HTML for the nonce so that I don't have to mess with the coding myself.

More actual content to follow soon.

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