Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Infrequently Asked Questions

Q: Hey Julie! Where'd you get that cute icon that you use on your Live Journal?

A: Some months ago, I saw on the Screen Savers show a great silly web site where you can make Lego people. (Not at all affiliated with the LEGO© group.) I of course immediately had to make several of my friends into Legos. My LJ portrait is my Lego self, cropped to 100 x 100 (which I thought was the maximum size allowed, though I've seen a lot of larger LJ pics, hmm).

Q: Why don't you put up any real photos of yourself?

A: I may at some point. I still haven't added anything public to my new web site, other than a link to this LJ and to Bob Hillman.

OK, actually no one asked either of these questions, but I wanted an excuse to post the Lego page, and to follow up a somber post with a silly one.

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