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I had an unusually high amount of social contact in the last week or so, which was welcome and good especially since boyziggy and I have both been dealing with annoying health issues lately.

Last Saturday I was going to go geocaching with cyan_blue and emmett_the_sane. We got quite heavily rained out, but still had lunch and an enjoyable afternoon watching a truly dreadful piece of celluloid, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, which should never be watched outside of MST3K, plus a couple of actually high-quality concert DVDs of Blue Man Group and Weird Al Yankovic. The rain-streaked view of the ocean and Pacifica through their windows was lovely, as was the company, including the now-much-friendlier Branwen and the acrobatic Preia.

Later they dropped me off at obadiah's, where he and I watched part of another truly dreadful film, the Sci-Fi Channel adaptation of one of my favorite book series of all time, Ursula Le Guin's "Earthsea". We both feared the worse, which was realized, and now appears to be documented on Ursula's own site. I haven't read most of those links yet [edit: now I have - sigh] but anyway, this post is about enjoying time with friends, not about fantasy classics being butchered. Cliff and I also watched bits of other TV shows, and he burned me a copy of the Beatles "White Album" (which I legally own on vinyl) so I could bring in Dear Prudence to my rock & blues class.

On Monday night boyziggy and I braved a heavy rainstorm to travel to Emeryville for the birthday party of the fabulous Bekka Fink. We gave Bekka a DVD-in-progress of her concert from our wedding, and chatted with the very cool musicians that accompanied her, Bobby and Sheryl. They along with others gave a preview of their "War and the Worms" performance piece in the upcoming Women of the World Festival, which we will likely attend on January 28.

On Wednesday night I had a fun evening with emmett_the_sane, which included me introducing him to my favorite restaurant, Herbivore, and him introducing me to a rare find of Weird Al Yankovic narrating both Peter and the Wolf and his own warped version of Carnival of the Animals. Later, with cyan_blue, we watched my favorite episode of Fawlty Towers, "The Germans".

On Thursday I attended Macworld Expo and met up with no fewer than four friends (in addition to boyziggy): Jon, Seth, Gregor, and Dennis, who was staffing the Freeverse booth. Jon enjoyed his first MW Expo visit, and is even considering buying a Mac Mini, though I'm not impressed with the specs of either that or the new iPod Shuffle. I didn't get as much value out of the Expo as I would have liked, partly due to aforementioned medical issues, but it was good to have company.

Tonight Ziggy and I joined Dennis, Hew, Jan, and several others for Thai food in Berkeley to celebrate Dennis's visit to the Bay Area (as he has abandoned us for NYC!). We had yummy gelato afterward.

That's about it for the week so far - good thing I have a three-day weekend, as that leaves even more time for socializing. :-)

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