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Southern California sunshine

We recently got back from our annual combined trip to LA and San Diego.

We first went to Westwood to visit my friend Amy from college, who has an adorable 8 1/2-month-old daughter named Madeleine.


Now I'm neither a kid person nor a dog person, but Amy has one of each and I must admit they're both pretty darned cute.


We took lots of photos and some video footage with our new camcorder, which also takes semi-decent still photos (the above two are samples). I prefer using a dedicated tool for the job though, so dragged my still digital camera along as well. Amy was happy to get the video footage of Madeleine, which I copied to tape on their VCR before we left LA.

We went to an excellent all-vegan organic restaurant called Real Food Daily. We were blessed with beautiful T-shirt-and-shorts weather that started just in time for our arrival.

Ziggy splurged on our rental car, an Audi A6. I couldn't care less about cars, but this one came with satellite radio, which was kind of cool, though it made our rush trip to Best Buy to buy a transmitter for our iPods rather unnecessary. Manipulating the huge center dashboard display looked like an accident waiting to happen. You even had to click a disclaimer button saying that it shouldn't be operated by the driver while the car was moving. Same for the GPS navigation system that Hertz installed, which was also pretty cool and much more advanced than my little geocaching model.

Off to San Diego, where the weather remained beautiful. We had a lovely sunset walk on the beach, and Grandma helped us find a geocache!


I had actually printed out seven caches - five LA, one San Diego - but this ended up being the only one we had time to find. We attempted another the next day, but there was a big beach BBQ going on right in front of the location and we were running out of time to get back to LA for our flight. C'est la vie.

The clouds and the sunset on the beach were absolutely gorgeous.


Clouds too

We headed back to LA much later than we would have liked; Daylight Savings Time had cut an hour from our sleep, and traffic was bad. We paid a regrettably short visit to our beloved Native Foods for takeout with Amy and Madeleine before heading back to the airport and home.

We wish we'd had more time; next year we'll have to take two separate trips or a longer combined one.

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