Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Weekend fun and photo ops

I spent this weekend visiting lrc and saizai.

On Friday Larry and I had a photo session, both outdoors in the redwoods and indoors at his home. We ended up taking nearly 400 photos, mostly with my camera as he preferred the user interface on mine. Larry will probably upload them all to his web site eventually, but I put a few in my LJ gallery for now. I'm not happy with my hair or weight in most of these shots; I've already told Larry I'd like to try this again in a year when my hair has grown out and I've hopefully lost more weight. I thought my halter top looked pretty good with his kilt though:

Halter top and kilt

And my black tank top showed off my, er, assets nicely on this log:

Black tank top on log

Meanwhile here are a couple of good shots I got of Larry:

Red tank top kneeling

Muscle shirt on log

There were more decent shots from our indoor photo session, but those have some "artistic" nudity so I won't post them here.

On Saturday I went to Lake Merritt with Sai and his beautiful cat Ki. I was hoping there would be some baby geese or ducks there this time of year, and was rewarded:

Geese walking

Sai warned Ki not to hunt the geese, and Ki took his warning a little too literally as tried to get back into his carrier as soon as Sai let him out, and later hid under Sai's cloak.

Ki hiding
Ki under cloak
Sai and Ki

I also attempted some landscape/panorama shots, since I had dragged my tripod along (not needing it at Larry's as he had at least three already). They didn't come out very well. The day was overcast anyway, but I was glad to get back to the lake, which I haven't visited in quite some time.

Later I took Sai to New World Vegetarian restaurant. He was overwhelmed by the choices; as the menu is 100% vegan, both of us could order anything we wanted. He enjoyed a deliciously unusual lemonade made with pickled lemons and salted plums. But the real killer was the dessert I ordered, a pudding of tapioca, taro root, and coconut milk. Sai just wanted to try a bite, but that first spoonful had him spiraling into a blissful state that left him literally speechless. He eventually recovered enough to beg for the recipe so that he can try to recreate this concoction, which I've dubbed "Sai crack", in his own kitchen.

All in all a fun weekend!

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