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Clear vision - the funcrunch files

May. 1st, 2005 10:06 pm Clear vision

One interesting note I forgot to mention about my visit with lrc: when we went to take the outdoor photos, I thought we would just be going in the backyard or close by, so I didn't wear my glasses, or bring anything else that I usually would - wallet/cell phone/etc. - just my camera. Not wearing the glasses ended up being advantageous for the photos, as was being unencumbered from the usual stuff that would be bulging in my pockets. But more interesting was the fact that I barely noticed any difference in my vision, which is slightly nearsighted, without them. Maybe it's because we were in the woods, where most things to see were fairly close-up and there weren't any signs or other lettering that I normally would have trouble seeing at a distance. Still, I was intrigued. I might try going without my glasses for a day or two, though I will have to invest in some actual sunglasses if I do as I've been relying on the "Transitions" auto-darkening of my specs.

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