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So boyziggy convinced me to try the new BART to SFO since we've paid a billion dollars in taxes for it and all. I'd planned to take BayPorter, but apparently they don't pick up or drop off in the city of San Francisco itself. They'll fetch you from Antioch but not from Nob Hill, for chrissakes. And the SFO Airpoter that I used to catch at the Hyatt Regency now only stops at downtown hotels once an hour. Feh.

Not willing to wrangle luggage on a crowded cable car, I lugged my suitcase over to the 1 California stop and dragged it from the endpoint to the Embarcadero BART. Got on the SFO-bound train with only a short wait, and had virtually the entire car to myself. Much of the ride beyond Daly City was underground, nothing exciting. I arrived at the SFO BART about 45 minutes after leaving my apartment - not bad for $4.70.

Only the International Terminal connects directly to the BART station. To get from the platform to baggage check-in I had to:

  • Take the automated "Air-Train" four stops (nice scenery, but the robotic voice "Please hold on. Please set luggage cart brake to on" as we approached each stop was a tad grating)

  • Ride an elevator down four floors (friendly agent asked each of us our airline destination and pointed the right direction)

  • Walk through a parking garage (signs pointing the way for each airline)

  • Walk down a long hallway (moving sidewalk thoughtfully out of service)

When at last I reached the check-in, I wasn't sure what to do as I had already printed my boarding pass over the web from home the night before. (No identification required to do so other than my name and flight number. Makes me feel very secure). The agent said I could go back out and check my luggage with the skycap rather than wait in line. At least they asked for an ID. Then onto baggage screening, another ID check, take off the shoes, clueless guy in front holds up the line by keeping his cell phone with him through the X-ray (duh). OK, so I don't fly very often, I'm sure you have all had to put up with worse.

Flight was uneventful. Very glad to have my iPod for musical entertainment. Carry-on was a bit heavy as I packed

  • iPod, with dock, AC adapter and cables

  • Noise-cancelling headphones

  • Digital camera, with various accessories

  • GPS, for geocaching

  • Palm Pilot and cradle (forgot the keyboard, damnit)

  • Cell phone and charger

  • Two battery chargers (alkaline and NiCad)

Despite all the above gadgetry, I have no laptop, and there's no computer or Internet connection where I'm staying, so I'm typing and backdating all of these LJ entries after my return.

Mom was ecstatic to see me as usual, though sad we can't meet at the gate anymore. We had our usual late night arrival dinner at Eat n' Park. Hard to get used to having to ask for the non-smoking section in a restaurant. Maybe Pennsylvania will catch up with California in that respect on of these years. ;-)

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