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It's official: Apple going to Intel processors

After spending part of Saturday reading the rumors posted as "news" on various sites, even including Slashdot (which I normally avoid), Apple's official press release came during the WWDC conference this morning.

I'm not sure how to digest this news, and what exactly it will mean for Apple and the future of the Mac platform. Speculation abounds.

I bought my latest Mac, a G5 1.8GHz single processor, in September 2003. On my preferred upgrade schedule, I would be due to buy another one about that time in 2006. This switch has me thinking. Will my G5 become another museum piece, like my PowerCenter 150 which I couldn't bear to depart with (being one of the few produced Mac "clones")? How long will I be able to run applications on my PPC processor if I decide to stretch the life out of my G5 further? (I did use my G4/400 for about four years before upgrading, and boyziggy is still getting decent use out of it.)

If this move backfires and ends up killing off the Mac OS ultimately, I guess I'll have to switch to Linux as my desktop OS, because I can't see myself using Windows as my primary platform. I tried and failed to convert to Linux once before, years ago, but the end-user experience is probably much smoother now than it was then. And in the interim I got 3-4 years of Linux system administration under my belt, running a development server at work. (Though we're now using Apple Xserves, as there were no Linux sysadmins in our campus support departments to help me out.)

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