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Sundy funday

Had a long but fun day yesterday.

boyziggy was complaining about feeling fat and sluggish, and I was feeling the same, so I convinced him to get up 45 minutes earlier than usual so that we could work out together. At 5:30 a.m. we were out the door, walking over the steep hill to Washington Square Park, where we ran laps at our own pace for a short time before heading back over the hill home. We have very different schedules, abilities, and preferences for exercise, but will try to work out together twice a week to motivate each other (and find times to exercise on our own the other days).

Later I headed to Livermore to visit my friend Jon and go geocaching with him and his family. His wife Carol was particularly excited about 'caching, having used a GPS but never for geocaching before. We found three caches in Livermore, one each first spotted by myself, Jon, and Carol. Maybe if we had done a fourth, his daughter Kyrie would have found one too! But we were hungry by then. Unfortunately most restaurants in the area apparently shut down between 2:30 and 5:00 on Sundays, so after driving around forever we finally settled on a Togo's.

Back at Jon's home I showed the DVD of my Blue Bear concert from March, then he got out his guitar and we all sang together. It was so much fun, singing everything from Led Zeppelin to Rocky Horror to Kinks to Beatles and many more. I could have done it for hours. It was also great to hear Jon play and sing again, especially since we hadn't jammed together for years.

But I had to head home because Ziggy and I were helping out our friend Bekka with promotional materials. Ziggy worked on an album cover with various photos she brought over, while I imported her videos to work on a DVD. Bekka's incredibly talented and I hope that she goes far with her music.

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