Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Catching up

I haven't read anyone's LJ in several weeks (months, really) as I've been having one of my antisocial periods... trying to change that, so I'll be catching up on your entries. This may take awhile.

Nothing particularly new and exciting here. I've been unusually busy at work preparing for a webcast which now may not happen after all. Already off my half-marathon training schedule as I've felt extremely tired the last couple of weeks (no doubt partly due to work stress). boyziggy is coming off an infection but is making his usual speedy recovery.

Doing some jazz jamming with my co-worker Jeff (who plays guitar). We hoped to perform at this month's open mic at Blue Bear but no one showed up to let us in. Bummer to us and the half-dozen or so other performers but I never got around to complaining (we're not even current students anyway). It is good to be making music again as I've been holed up in the apartment for weeks doing nothing but playing Sims.

Having fun at work with my new tea-making contraption. Just brewed a fresh pot of decaf vanilla chai.

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