Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Bridge to Bridge

I'm wondering whether I should sign up for the Bridge to Bridge run on October 2. It's three weeks before my half-marathon and I'm scheduled to do a six mile training run that day. Bridge to Bridge starts at the same place as my normal Sunday run (the Ferry Building) and goes for either 12K or 7K. Neither is six miles, and the web site says "run the 12K, run or walk the 7K" so the 7K is obviously geared more toward people of limited athletic abilities like myself.

The 7K is only a mile and a half short of the distance I'm supposed to go that week, and if I ran with the race rather than on my own I'd have the added advantage of race support (water stops etc.). I'm just worried that doing two races within a month's time might be pushing it too much. If I do sign up, I'll have to make sure to go at a slow pace.
Tags: fitness

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