Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

SoBig, SoBad

Today I went to my Dad's house for dinner, so I had access to a computer and Internet connection. I decided that before checking my personal e-mail or LiveJournal or browsing the web, I'd better log on to my work e-mail and make sure that the "SoBig" virus messages hadn't filled my Inbox to the point of going over quota.

Normally I avoid checking my work e-mail entirely while I'm on vacation. However, since last Tuesday I'd been getting these virus messages at the rate of one every two minutes. Our Exchange server helpfully strips the virus-infected attachments from the messages, but the messages themselves are not blocked. Our IT department was unable to suggest any useful remedy for this.

I logged on and waited while the dialup connection slowly churned out the web page containing my e-mail. I braced for the worst, knowing it could be very bad.

The page finally loaded. I had over 3500 unread messages.

I was extremely resentful of having to spend some of my vacation time deleting this ridiculous glut of messages, all because a) Micro$oft products have such crappy security and b) some asshole wanted to take advantage of this. I hate that we have to use Microshit Outlook at work. The integrated calendaring is nice, but it isn't worth it. And now the campus IT director wants to put everyone on Exchange. In contrast, my personal e-mail address, which I check on a Mac with Eudora and am very careful about distributing, has gotten NO spam and NO viruses in the three months I've had it.

After spending 1/2 hour deleting about 1000 messages I gave up and left the rest for my return, as the rate of infection appeared to be slowing. [I just deleted the rest on Saturday 8/30 while reading LJ. Still incensed about the waste of my free time.]

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