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So I have an audition for Blue Bear's new Advanced Rock and Blues workshop coming up on Sept. 10. It's been years since I've auditioned for anything; most of my classes I've gotten into simply by handing over a check/credit card. Anyway, I'm trying to decide what to prepare. I really like the song Afterglow by Genesis but boyziggy thinks I sound "too operatic" singing it and I should try something "dirtier". It's also probably not a good choice since the keyboard part is prominent and I don't know if we'll have a keyboard player.

Since this is an "advanced" class I was also considering Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes which is more challenging, but a bit high for my range (despite being sung by a male on the original). I did transcribe it for my intermediate class at Blue Bear this spring, but we had enough songs already so didn't work on that one.

Does anyone who's heard me sing (karaoke, etc.) have any suggestions? It should be something that a small band could play, not dependent on horns or keyboards.
Tags: singing

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