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Running surprises

Part of the fun of living in San Francisco is all the events I literally run into when I go jogging on Sundays. Last week on a run from the Ferry Building to the Palace of Fine Arts (and back), I arrived at Aquatic Park just in time for the awards ceremony after the annual Cable Car Chase. Then today on the same run, as I approached Justin Hermann Plaza I found that today was the annual San Francisco Grand Prix cycling event. It was great to see The Embarcadero and many other streets closed off for all the cyclists (cheered on by about half a million spectators).

Today's run was somewhere around 7.5 - 8 miles - I didn't measure the last bit accurately because I spent some time jogging around the rotunda at the Palace of Fine Arts, admiring the architecture and the beautiful swans. Between fatigue from the workout (I'm still not getting all of my weekday runs in, which is where I should be building up speed) and slowness dodging tourists and waiting to cross streets, the run took me 2 hours 11 minutes.

I'm really worried that I may have to drop out of the half marathon in October if I don't pick up speed really soon. I was afraid this would happen when I started running again; I got caught up in the excitement at the San Francisco Marathon 5K and thought that it would be good to enter and train for a longer race. Apparently I didn't learn my lesson from my last half marathon in the year 2000, where I could barely walk the next day. Today I've spent the afternoon lying on the couch watching TV, an actually pretty rare occurrence for me nowadays. But I barely have the energy to move.
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