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Audition and the Mission

So today was my audition at Blue Bear. After much pondering and advice (some heeded, some ignored) I decided to prepare Abacab by Genesis, with Don't Let It Bring You Down by Neil Young (Annie Lennox version) as a backup.

Generally whenever I prepare a song for a band, I get hold of a piano/vocal score or fake book arrangement and enter it into my music notation software (currently Sibelius) using a Midi keyboard. Well, first thing I noticed was my Midi interface stopped working. I guessed that I would need a new driver since I had updated my computer OS. But oops, our cable modem was down and Comcast wasn't coming to fix it for a couple more days, so I couldn't easily download the driver. This gave me an excuse to put off the transcription until nearly the last minute. Doing Abacab took forever, especially as I ended up carefully editing the guitar chord diagrams to match what was printed in the book. Maybe I was wasting my time - I would have rather just handed them the music xeroxed straight from the book, but it was six pages long and had a lot of material that would be extraneous for most of the band. At least the Lennox number, which was less complex, went a lot faster.

So I arrived at the 1:30 audition about 10 minutes early and found they were running late. No problem, gave me plenty of time to drink water and sit around getting nervous. Eventually the school director called me in. He had me harmonize to the Beatles' Eight Days a Week, which wasn't hard because he'd told me that he'd probably ask for that. Then he taught me several rounds which I had to learn, words and music, on the spot. I think I did OK on the first two but the third was more complex and I just couldn't get it right. I was apologetic but pretty laid back about it. Then we went into the band room; I had already given them the charts I'd prepared and the audio CD. They did quite a good job learning the song in the 10 minutes or so I'd been out of the room. I was worried that it might crash and burn since I'd only performed that song at The Mint before and was therefore used to a perfect karaoke accompaniment. But it went quite smoothly.

I have no idea what my chances are. At least four singers auditioned and I don't know if they're taking one or two. If I don't get in it won't be the end of the world. I'm glad I prepared for the audition regardless because it's given me something useful to do with my evenings.

After the audition I headed to the Mission to do a little shopping and see Josh Kornbluth do an improv at Z Space.

I had some time to kill before the show so did a little shopping. First I went to Otsu, hoping to get some quality non-leather dress shoes. All the women's shoes I looked at were on clearance and only in limited sizes, none of them mine. I picked up the shoe I liked best and asked if it were discontinued (hoping I could maybe get it off the web site); the salesperson said yes. Damnit. I am not getting nonleather dress shoes at Payless; I'll just have to keep looking.

Then on to Herbivore since I wasn't far. The food today was not great and neither was the service. I hate to diss a 100%-vegan restaurant but I really haven't been thrilled the last few times I've visited. I'm beginning to prefer my neighborhood Thai restaurant even though they serve meat.

I also briefly visited Borderlands Books and ADS Hats, on the same street as Herbivore. Struck out both places, but I was looking for something quite specific at each, to be fair. Just not my day to shop I guess.

On to Z Space. Had a nice conversation with Josh's stage manager Danielle who is also a friend of boyziggy's. Josh did his improvs toward a future monologue about democracy. A bit rambly but this was not intended to be a finished production obviously. He's doing it again next week, Saturday 9/17 5 p.m. - I plan to be there.

Afterward Josh and I were both heading to BART so I got to walk with him, which was wonderful. He's very happy about his new KQED gig. I wish him well.
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