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One grueling mile at a time

It was a beautiful sunny day when I headed out for my run this morning. The whole time I ran the sun stayed out and the fog stayed away, offering spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge among other landmarks. Too bad the sun is my enemy when it comes to running.

I'm used to feeling rotten the first twenty minutes or so, but today I didn't start to feel better until I'd been running for nearly an hour. At that point I was at Crissy Field, a treat as I'd never been there before. The landscape varied from sand to marsh to grass and there were lots of interesting birds - pelicans, egrets, etc. About 80 minutes in I was actually picking up speed and feeling strong.

But that sun was relentless, and I had brought neither hat nor sunscreen. I was wilting. With the Ferry Building endpoint in sight my knee started to ache, for the first time since I started running again. Uh-oh, that's what lead to doom and several non-running years before. I managed to finish, but was careful.

Two hours thirty-two minutes. Mentally calculating for a ten-mile run, I thought that despite the heat I had actually picked up speed from last week. But double checking the course with Google Maps indicated I really had only gone about 9.4 miles, so I'm still above 16 minute pace.

I revisited the race site and read that the course will be open to everyone for 6.5 hours; half and full marathon runners start at the same time. I still expect they will start reopening roads during the race though, so I really need to pick up speed. Right now however I'm sticky and sore and exhausted.
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