Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Up and over the dark hill

boyziggy had a 7 a.m. call today and so was up at 5, which helped me to struggle out of bed not long after. I made it outside by 5:40. It is dark at 5:40 a.m. this time of year. And quiet - almost too quiet. Hardly any cars or people.

Made it to Aquatic Park a couple minutes faster than usual on account of not having to wait for all the long traffic lights to cross the streets safely. The lights on the pier reflected beautifully on the water. Both bridges twinkled in the distance. But even most of the seagulls were still asleep. I was utterly alone.

By the time I returned from the pier (surprising a raccoon on the way) a few more joggers had emerged. I approached the usual endpoint of my run in 31'54", slower than last time and once again just in time to see the cable car pulling away. Glancing at my watch, I decided to just keep going.

Had to walk up the four blocks from Beach to Lombard, which took a good 13 minutes; there's a reason the cable car line exists on this hill. Started running again at Lombard, made it back to my starting point in 53'33" and was home about an hour and five minutes after I walked out the door. The cable car never passed me. I can do this.
Tags: fitness

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