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Another Josh Kornbluth post?!?

Yes another post but for good reason, Josh did a great improv tonight, better than last week's. The audience was much bigger too, maybe even by a factor of 10. I saw him coming in and got to show off my Josh Kornbluth Show t-shirt. (Which was so big that I had to hide it under another shirt for fear of having a wardrobe malfunction, but the store site said that this style ran small, so...)

Josh was joined by George Lakoff for part of the evening. Once George got going it looked like they could have stayed on stage talking about politics for the next several hours, but the staff asked them to wrap up when it was getting close to two hours. I then heard someone call my name, and found that Zed had attended as well, so we walked to BART together.

Deciding I was tired of always waiting forever for the 1 California at Embarcadero, I hopped off at Civic Center instead and had a lovely twilight walk through the Tenderloin, an exercise recommended only for the experienced urban dweller. Why I seem to only get hit on by scuzzy vagrants (especially as my cleavage was well-covered by my windbreaker by this time), I'll not venture to guess. At least I grabbed a decent meal at Golden Era, though I'll probably regret stuffing myself with chow mein and faux-drumsticks when I'm lining up for tomorrow's 5K race.
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