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An ap-peal-ling race

Today I ran the Jamba Juice 5K BananaMan Chase, a race to benefit pediatric AIDS research at my employer, UCSF. This was the first race I've ever had to run with no support (boyziggy works at the opera most weekends), which was hard. I got there way too early (8:15 for a 9 a.m. race start) and was milling around Kezar Stadium getting bored and restless. Eventually I lined up in the very back of the "9 min/mile" section, just in front of the baby joggers (who had a five minute delayed start).

The actual race was uneventful, looping around the panhandle of Golden Gate Park. Several runners were wearing banana costumes, and with each banana you passed you would get an entry in a raffle. I didn't pass any and I'm pretty sure there weren't any behind me, unless they were walking.

I passed mile 1 in 12'52", a bit faster than I expected actually. Mile 2 was 25'53" if memory serves, and I crossed the finish line in 40'39" by my watch - official time will probably be a few seconds different. While slightly better than my last 5K attempt, I still have a lot of catching up to do to match my old Lake Merritt times.

I stuck around after just long enough to get my race t-shirt before going home. The line for the various freebies went halfway around the track, and without any company I didn't feel like staying for the entertainment.

Next race: Bridge to Bridge 7K October 2, followed by the Nike Women's Half Marathon (which I'm still somewhat dreading) October 23.

Update: Race results are in; looks like my watch was accurate after all:
Place                                                  Place             Place Out Of         
O'All        Name                        Bib    Time    Sex    Div   Age  Div  In Div   Pace   

----- --------------------------------- ----- -------- ----- ------- --- ----- ------ -------- 
1163 Julie Bernstein / San Francisco, CA 853    40:39   582 F 35-39  35    64     78    13:05    
Tags: fitness

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