Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Pushing myself

Had a good run this morning, pushing myself to run faster than usual. Passed several groups of runners, one going up the steep part of Hyde, another stretching on the pier, and a third group at the Aquatic Park shoreline. Though I treasure solitude, It felt safer not to be alone given the darkness of the hour. From the pier I enjoyed a nice view of the city skyline, lit up and capped with fog.

Finished in 30'20", fastest so far for this course. Cable car was just approaching the turnaround and I poured myself into it; no way did I have the energy to make it back up that hill today. Saw the first group of runners heading back up the hill as I rode; perhaps some wished they were on the car themselves, while others considered me a slacker. Good for them either way. I'll be back on that hill soon enough.

I learned an important lesson this morning: it's OK to hurt a little bit. I've been coddling myself too much ever since I had a problem with sinus tachycardia (rapid heartbeat, but normal rhythm) a few years ago. I got a clean bill of health but since then have been afraid to overexert myself. Now I'm convinced my heart isn't going to explode if I just work out a little harder, hard enough to really feel it.
Tags: fitness

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