Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Bi and bi

I just read in this week's Savage Love column that according to Details magazine, everyone under 25 is bi. This new "trend" is apparently a phenomenon of college campuses, where it is now hip for students of both genders to be casually bisexual and then resume a straight identity (if they so choose) upon graduation.

The "everyone" bit sounds like an exaggeration to me, obviously, but Savage insists it is true, and what do I know - all the people I hang out with are over 25, and the university I work for is strictly for graduate and professional students. All I know is that I hardly met any other bi people when I was in college back in '88-'92, even after I came out. Hmmm...

I ponder the possibilities:

  • Should I expand my usual 25-45 age range in my personals searches to include the 18-24ish types?

  • Would an 18-24ish coed want anything to do with a plump, professional, partnered 33 year old?

  • Would an undergrad gal be more likely to decide during a relationship that she is actually straight or monogamous, and hence leave me in the lurch?


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