Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Fit or fat

Happy Autumn Equinox, everyone.

I really didn't want to get up and run today, but I'm so glad I did. I was sluggish so I took a Clif Shot, an energy gel I had bought for use on my long runs. I think it helped. Finished the Aquatic Park course in 31'03", not a record but not too bad. Chatted with the cable car operator on the way back; I was amused that he asked where boyziggy was, since he's only run with me once or twice on this route.

Today makes five days of exercise in a row (three running, two walking) and I hope I can keep up the pace. I couldn't put today's run off until tomorrow as I have a 12 mile run scheduled on Saturday, moved up from Sunday since we're going out of town to celebrate our first anniversary. I don't exercise the day before my long runs (following the Galloway program).

I'm more motivated than ever after seeing photos of myself from the weekend's Jamba Juice 5K. I was appalled at how ugly I looked. I really need to lose weight; no more excuses. boyziggy said the photos would make good "before" pictures. "Before" is 158 pounds; "after" will hopefully be at or somewhere south of 125.

I've already modified my diet somewhat as exercise alone wasn't doing enough for me. Nothing radical (any more than a vegan diet already is); just sensible changes like more vegetables, less fat and sugar, and trying only to eat when I'm hungry. If I could lose two pounds a week I could reach my goal before my next birthday, but after doing the math I don't think that goal is realistic. A pound of fat has 3500 calories, so I'd have to burn and/or reduce my intake by 1000 calories a day to lose that much. I'll just reduce gradually and hope that it stays off for good this time. It should be easier and more pleasant to run without a 35 pound sack of fat hanging around my waist.
Tags: fitness

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