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LJ interests meme

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bisexuality:
    As I describe on my sex page, I believe people are on a continuum of gender preference rather than merely gay, straight, or 50-50. I am much closer to the hetero end in practice than in desire.
  2. classic rock:
    A large amount of my music collection is from the 70s and 80s, and on the infrequent occasion I find myself in a car I'll be wanting KFOG on the radio.
  3. fantasy:
    Referring to the literary genre, particularly Ursula Le Guin.
  4. hot chocolate:
    My favorite beverage! I make mine with soymilk.
  5. jonathan richman:
    As my friend Gordon put it on his fansite, there are only two answers to the question "Are you a fan of Jonathan Richman?": "Yes!" and "Jonathan who?"
  6. macintosh:
    My preferred platform. I've been a Mac user since '92.
  7. open source:
    Though I haven't managed to convert to Linux for the desktop, I do make heavy use of open source software such as Apache and PHP for my job.
  8. san francisco mime troupe:
    I've been a fan of the Troupe since City for Sale in '99. boyziggy worked as their audio technician for three years, and we held our wedding reception at their space.
  9. snuggling:
    One of my favorite activities!
  10. ursula k leguin:
    My favorite author, as may be evidenced by taking up six of my interest-slots with alternate spellings of her name.

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