Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Bridge to Bridge run

Today I participated in the Bridge to Bridge Run on a beautiful, sunny day with fog-free views all around. I hadn't run in a week due to a cold and a trip, but I was only doing the 7K (~4.35 miles) so didn't think I'd have too much of a problem. I was indeed able to run the whole time, even up the hill from Aquatic Park to Fort Mason, stopping only briefly when directed for a bus that had to cross the race path. I poured water over my head at the water stops to keep cool.

Finished in 57'58" by my watch, over 13 minute/mile pace but not terrible considering I ran nonstop. The official time should be about 3'20" slower as it took that long to cross the starting line - thousands of runners participated.

I missed the 12-mile run I should have done last week due to my cold, and scheduled for next week is a 14-miler. Then the half-marathon on Oct. 23rd. Hope I survive it.
Tags: fitness

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