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Cranky and hungry geek

It's 9:30 p.m. and I just got home 30 minutes ago after a 12-hour day of work, approximately 1/3 of which was spent wrestling with my web server.

On the upside I finally managed to get Apache 2 to work with mod_ssl, no thanks to Apple (had to download and compile myself, which I prefer anyway). I also began to get some clue of how I might get blojsom to work with Tomcat. Actually I did get it working with Tomcat pretty quickly when I abandoned Apple's built-in blojsom files and downloaded the .war file to deploy into Tomcat directly. Unfortunately, Apple's version is the one I want to use as it's supposed to tie-in with the user accounts that are already on the server (hence the necessity to get SSL working, first).

Whoever writes Apple's Mac OS X server PDF documentation should be strung up right next to whoever coded the buggy Server Admin app. Give me command-line or give me death.

Apologies to those reading this who have no idea what I'm talking about. Consider yourselves fortunate.

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