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Jazz jammin'

Had a good show at the Tongue and Groove tonight. I enjoyed my Blue Bear jazz class somewhat more than the rock workshop I took earlier this year; the bandmates all got along pretty well and our teacher was very friendly and encouraging. We did eight songs - five vocal, three instrumental - and didn't have any obvious screw-ups (though I dropped a few words in one of the more lyric-heavy numbers). Audience reaction was positive, and several friends attended (wave to zahraa and obadiah).

Now, I just have to import three tapes' worth of footage into Final Cut Pro, get the edited sound from boyziggy when he's finished with it and start cranking out a DVD.

Edit: Just watched part of one of the tapes (it's late but I couldn't wait); I think my singing was actually pretty good, although I still need a lot of work on intonation. Our teacher said in the last rehearsal that I was usually on target but sometimes went flat, so I think I overcompensated in several places by singing sharp. Oh well; at least I'm getting (slightly) better at improvisation, which of course is the heart and soul of jazz.
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