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Roll your own search engine

This seems to be the month of tech-toy discovery for me. My latest find is Rollyo, a site that lets you specify a number of sites that you can search at once. I had been looking for something like this to search for reviews of computer accessories, electronics, digital cameras etc. I wanted to search both sites like Epinions that have user comments, plus sites with professional reviews I trust like Steve's Digicams. I made a half-hearted attempt to program the functionality myself using the semantic web Firefox extension Piggy Bank, but didn't get very far. So when I saw Rollyo reviewed on Call for Help, it looked like just what I needed.

Thanks Leo and Amber for introducing me to so much neat tech stuff through your podcasts and other shows: - shared bookmarks
Flock - described previously
Protopage - described previously

Some other cool stuff I've found through other sources:

Azureus - BitTorrent client
Chatzilla - Firefox extension IRC client
HandBrake - DVD ripper
Podner - iPod video converter
Web Developer - Handy Firefox extension

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