Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

From East to West (Maui)

The Hyatt Regency is quite a contrast from the Shangri-La retreat. Not only do we have a large, insect-free room with a TV set, ocean view, valet parking, and room service, but the 44-acre resort (with 1/2-acre swimming pool) actually has African cranes and penguins living in the lobby. Tomorrow morning there's a Koi fish feeding. I really don't want to get too used to this, especially as we're headed to a far more rustic retreat on the Big Island come Saturday.

P.S. to badbethany: Please don't print any of these low-res photos! I promise I'll mail you a CD when we get back...

Waves at Hookipa Beach

I'm a sucker for pretty colors

Our humble gazebo at the Shangri-La

Bought a pamphlet on 100 Ways to Wear a Sarong - still trying to get one down

Tags: travel

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