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Want to be my boss? - the funcrunch files

Mar. 17th, 2006 10:57 am Want to be my boss?

We recently re-posted a web manager position. I haven't applied for it because I prefer being a programmer geek to supervising other programmer geeks. If you would like to work in this position at UCSF Public Affairs, or know someone who would, please apply at the UCSF Careers site, requisition # 16584BR. (We get really good benefits!)

Req Number: 16584BR
Job Title: Web Products Manager
Job Code and Payroll Title: 7282: COMPUTING RESOURCE MANAGER I [pay scale for this position]
Organization: Campus
Location: Laurel Heights [here we are]
Department Name: Public Affairs
Work Days: Monday-Friday
Shift: Days
Shift Length: 8 Hours
Job Summary: Incumbent will manage the development of new products for and expansion of the primary pages of UCSF’s official website, www.ucsf.edu; plan web development strategy and manage various content-rich projects; oversee evaluation and adoption of web applications; guide web communications unit toward adoption of best practices with an eye toward increasing traffic, analyzing impact of content, gathering audience data and raising the level of user satisfaction; advise on proper information architecture; manage a staff of three; collaborate with and create networks of web experts across campus to promote University-wide web policies and procedures; other duties as assigned.
Required Qualifications: Successful track record as web project manager; thorough and visionary understanding of web tools, techniques and strategies that build audience, community and user loyalty; proven skills as an information architect and web content developer; excellent written and verbal communication skills; minimum 3 to 5 years of management experience.
Preferred Qualifications: Experience in a university, institute or comparable setting; experience in building online brand awareness; understanding of biomedical science.
License/Certification: N/A
Position Type: Full Time
Percentage: 100%


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Date:March 20th, 2006 05:32 am (UTC)
I too much prefer being a peon to being a boss. I hope you get someone good!