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I just spent an entire day typing MySQL statements and editing PHP code. A lot of the work could have been avoided had I constructed my database properly in the first place. I should not treat a relational db as if it's a flat-file. But the DB and code are much better-written now, and hopefully the site is on target for Monday's launch, minus the admin interface, which I figured I won't have time to refactor completely without working all weekend and then won't have any other eyes to check it before launch. Hence the manual typing and cut/pasting of many INSERT statements. However when all is done I should finally have a single page listing all the video clips I've been working on for the last two years - about 25 projects so far, some with up to nine clips each, in three different formats - and a better way of viewing the clips than we now offer.

Also, I upgraded the MySQL software on our production server, which is something I was hoping the *multiple expletives deleted* consultant would do for me, but I suppose it's good experience to do it myself, even though I was nervous about working on the production machine (I'd done it before on our test server and taken copious notes) and took a full two hours after work to make sure I did it right. I'll find out for sure when the clients check in tomorrow (our most vocal one already gave the A-OK for his site, thank goodness). I had to do this now because searching and pulling up certain stories on our online daily site had slowed to a crawl; even this upgrade might not fix that; we might just have to archive some of the 5+ years of articles. (I didn't write that site or DB, so I'm not sure how much work it would take to make it more efficient.)

In any case, even though I'm busier than I've ever been at this job, it was good to focus on a single project (well, two counting the software upgrade) for an entire day, as it took my mind off a personal problem that had been bothering me enough for my boss to actually notice something was wrong yesterday, which is rare. I can't afford to let emotions slow me down now, when I have so many people counting on me for a change.

P.S. Note to self: Decide whether or not to wear trenchcoat based on current day's forecast, not previous day's weather. *shiver*
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