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So much for that flu shot

Monday I woke up feeling pretty awful but dragged myself to work anyway, as we had a launch scheduled: revamp of the UCSF home page (mostly my co-worker's effort), debut of my new multimedia database and a new video podcast episode which I'd spent a lot of time on. As soon as everything was live I left for home and barely made it into bed. It was nearly three hours before I could stop shaking with chills and get up to take my temperature: 102.9. I thought flu season was over?? And I got a shot last Novemberish... Could be a cold, I guess, but a really nasty one.

Anyway, generic Nyquil helped get the fever down; though I would have preferred not to take any OTC meds, I was barely able to function. boyziggy was out of town but luckily Gregor needed to stop by to pick up something so I convinced him to bring me some orange juice and soy ice cream. I also took Echinacea and raw garlic.

This morning after a solid night's sleep I was feeling somewhat better, minus a new symptom which is too TMI to post here, and if continues I will certainly call the doctor tomorrow.

Apologies to anyone who got this bug from me at Saturday night's party. Too late notice to do much good, but I haven't had the energy to sit at the computer for long enough to type a coherent LJ entry until today.

I've occupied my time watching Season 3 of Six Feet Under on DVD - not a great choice for someone ill, as this season makes the last two look like the Care Bears. (No further spoilers as I'm sure zyxwvut and zahraa still want to borrow it when we're done.) And I spent a little time in Second Life, which looks like it will be a lot of fun once I have the energy to learn its scripting language; so far, I've only managed to edit my avatar's appearance and create a snowman out of primitive shape objects.

Back to the couch...
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