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Well, for anyone who bothered to read my last post: I had a phone consultation with a Kaiser doc, who figures I have an upper respiratory viral infection. You can't cure a virus with meds, of course, but he prescribed something that's a combo of Sudafed and Robitussin to help with the congestion. I'll ask boyziggy to pick it up if he's not too tired when he gets back in town this afternoon. (Kaiser's great for getting me a phone appt. within a half hour of my call, but I still have to schlep to their own pharmacy to get the meds. Would also have helped if I'd bothered to transfer my medical records and get a physical with my new doctor first.)

I'm out of Six Feet Under DVDs to watch - bleah. I knew I should have picked up Season 4 even before I finished watching Season 3. Season 5 is out already, for chrissakes.

When I have the energy to sit up, I'm already becoming thoroughly addicted to Second Life. Here's an early screenshot of my first avatar (I've changed the hair and shoes since):


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