Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Update of sorts

I haven't written or even browsed LJ for awhile, partially because I haven't been feeling well. My flu-like infection stretched into two weeks and now has morphed into something more like a cold. The coughing was bad enough for my singing; now, the sneezing and dripping commences. Sigh. My voice teacher (blueclews) has prescribed nasal rinsing with a Neti pot, and some herbal immunity-boosting supplement, both of which are rather gross but I'm giving them a try. I should probably also take advantage of my insurance and meet the Kaiser doctor I signed up with five months ago.

At least I have my energy level mostly back, and have walked to and from work several times in the last week. boyziggy and I are trying to walk partway together most days that we both have work (being at the opera, his "weekends" are different than mine). His walk is about 1.5 miles each way and mine is about 2.3, and in both cases taking the bus doesn't actually save all that much time. Plus, the weather is so wonderful finally and the days are nice and long, so it feels good to be outside. Also had a nice, though tiring, walk and brief geocache jaunt with opus119 this past weekend.

I'm still trying to do three different jobs at work - programming, video editing, and system administration, and none of them that well. Had a lovely 13 hour day today but I had planned for it, not wanting to take down the production server for a major update before 5 p.m., and got a nap in the sun in at lunch. Other than a scary MySQL update that erased all of my databases, everything went pretty smoothly (and I was able to recover all the data from my last-minute exports). At least we have finally hired a new web manager (thomwatson), so things should improve once he gets out here next month; he's a perfect fit for the position.

We have a great set lined up for my jazz workshop; hopefully I will have fully recovered my health by the time of our concert, which will be sometime around June 19-21. I'm also gearing up to perform in Second Life, where I've attended numerous live concerts from performers all over the world; it's a really neat interactive experience. My streaming software is all set up; I just have to buy some accompaniment CDs to sing along to until I can convince some jazz guitar- or piano-playing friends to jam along with me.
Tags: health, singing, work

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