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Jammin' at the Rockit Room

Last night's Blue Bear jazz concert was a success, much to my delight and relief. We had a nine-song set, of which I sang on five: Corcovado, Alone Together, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Maiden Voyage, and Bye Bye Blackbird. I think I did well on all except Pork Pie, and even that wasn't too bad, given the difficulty of the piece. I definitely have my wonderful voice teacher Vicki Burns to thank for helping improve my singing, and our great band leader Jim Peterson made every Friday night's rehearsal a pleasure. I will miss this group.

Everything went amazingly smoothly considering we were the first Blue Bear band to perform in the new venue at the Rockit Room. It's much more spacious and pleasant than the Tongue and Groove, and the audio engineer actually showed up early and knew what he was doing. I had my good mic patched in and tested before boyziggy even arrived.

Thanks to my love boyziggy as always for the audio recording, and much thanks to all my friends who came, including zahraa, obadiah, opus119, and mikz.
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