Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Various updates


- With boyziggy's extensive help on sound, I finished editing, burning, and mailing the DVDs of my jazz concert in record time: under 10 days.

- Had a ridiculously good time listening and dancing to the New Orleans All Stars at Andrew Jaeger's House of Seafood and Jazz (formerly the infamous Condor Club) in North Beach, two weekends in June. My jazz teacher Jim Peterson joined them on tenor sax. The chef sang and the waiters danced. A must-visit place.

- Saw two operas this season: Madame Butterfly and Joan of Arc. The former was interesting as it was an outdoor simulcast at Civic Center. Despite freezing, the sound was excellent and the videography made the show look like a carefully staged TV production. Joan was not terribly interesting despite excellent singing and costumes. The set was minimalist and so was the action, considering the subject matter. And in neither production was I convinced that the diva remotely resembled the young teenage girl she was portraying. :-)

- Backyard preview of the Mime Troupe production Godfellas indicates it will be the best show in years. Do see it. Opening July 4 in Dolores Park (preview shows this weekend); runs in Bay Area parks through Labor Day.


- My new boss thomwatson started this Monday, and I adore him already. In fact hard to think of anyone at any of my UC jobs I've clicked with this quickly, though I had the advantage in this case of access to his extensive blogs before he started. Had fun showing him around UCSF. I hope he stays with us a long time.


- boyziggy is off to a laser tag tournament in Maryland for a few days.

- We're visiting Seattle and Vancouver later this summer.

- Sold my Panasonic Lumix FZ20 digicam to lrc and bought an FZ7, after purchasing the latter for office use and falling in love with it. Less functionality than the FZ30 I'd been eying, but more portable and enough notable improvements over the FZ20 to make it worth upgrading even after less than two years.

- Firewire ports on Mac stopped working. Hanging everything off of USB2 at the moment.

- Still playing Second Life occasionally; not performed live music in it yet due to aforementioned computer problems.

- Still walking to work (and voice lessons) several days a week. Have lost a few pounds but not keeping careful track.
Tags: concert, fitness, photography, singing, work

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